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About Us


      吉林企祉蓝科技有限公司成立于2014年12月5日,注册资本金人民币叁亿元,是一家物联网、计算机软件技术及设备开发经销;节能环保产品、生物科技产品、运输设备、化工新材料、光机电一体化设备的研发;机械设备安装及售后服务;道路运输;房地产经纪;企业经营策划;物业服务;广告业务;建材、五金交电、通讯器材、电子产品、机械设备、食品类、服装类、农产品、金属类等产品的经销;进出口贸易等的品牌管理型企业。于2015年研发成功的《企祉蓝》牌多项专利产品,  已通过国家知识产权局审查认定,并申请了国际专利。自1995年开始布局,历时21年全方位打造。将推出独具特色的经营模式,以多系列专利产品为基础,依托于自主品牌形象,成为无污染能源、安全设施、智慧物联网等业界的领航者。 





English version

  Jilin QiZhiLan Technology Ltd. was established in December 5, 2014, the registered capital RMB 300 million Yuan. The company is an Internet of things, computer software technology and equipment development dealer// environmentally products, building materials (excluding wood), hardware sales // Advertising production, publishing, brand management and other business enterprises, business products include: solar heating, power generation systems // agricultural, food processing equipment// mechanical and electrical hardware tools and so on.

In 2015, the company successfully developed a number of patented productswith the brand of, these products has been reviewed by the State Intellectual Property Office, and has applied for an international patent. Since the beginning of the layout in 1995, which lasted 21 years diversified business. Company launched a unique business model. It relies on a variety of patent products and brand, to become leader of non pollution energy, safety facilities, smart networking industry.

  Founder has years of science and technology research and development and brand operation and management experience, and has been committed to the energy and power industry, highway traffic safety facilities, smart networking products. He has special understanding of national policy, the international situation and future demands on environmental protection, safety, smart product.In business operations, with his unique vision and keen insight into the market, He helped variety of environmentally friendly products to market success.

  We have been positioning "make good use of technology" to run enterprise, with "More benefit for future" approach to  branding, with "love passing loop" concept to develop products, and we look forward for your joining, we painted blue sky, clean water together.


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